Fake news

Fake news

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That news story on Facebook (other social media platforms are available), is it true or is it fake?  Should I share it?

If someone reads an article that supports their point of view or beliefs they are more likely to share it  that if it does not, and sadly often without checking if the article is true or not. Some will even share stories that they know is fake to promote what they believe.  

With so much fake news, and people willing to share it, how should we remain well informed?  We could check the story before sharing it or giving it any sort of credence, which can be quite difficult if the story reinforces our beliefs.  

Take a look at this facebook page, very interesting read.  https://www.facebook.com/FakeStoriesphotosPeopleBelieve/

My takeaway message from this is, check before you repost or share.

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