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Death, the last taboo, the only certainty of life (seeing as how many large corporations manage to avoid tax), the skeleton man with the scythe, the portal to heaven (or hell).  So today’s blog is on the cheerful subject of death.

As we can’t escape it, unless you are Keith Richards, then why is it so difficult to accept.  Why are so many scared of death, myself included? Is it the fear of death that has caused man to invent an afterlife?  I am not sure that it is the fear of death but rather the futility of death that drives the desire for an afterlife.

We spend how whole lives of hopefully 70 years plus, learning and developing only for that to be cut short and our total existence to vanish.  I find this difficult, think what an Einstein or Hawking could have done if they had not ceased to exist?, Or what the great composers could have offered with more time? Or how you could use your experiences and knowledge if you knew that they would not suddenly just vanish.  I think that is why I struggle with death.

The views above of course assume that there is no life after death, which is what I believe.  A great many people do however think that part of them survive the visit from the Grim Reaper, and I hope that this gives them comfort and hope that their short lives upon this earth are not futile. I wish I could have such a belief, but I do not.

If I am wrong about a life after death then I will need to do some serious apologising to the great being, however if I do meet the creator for judgement I think I am well and truly buggered.

My final thought, eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow you die, and abstinence of alcohol, chocolate, and the like does not make you live longer, it just seems that way   

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